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    Hello everyone! Please bear with me, as I don't really have the knowledge or vocabulary to ensure that my problem is explained well. I recently installed CFW on my Switch to play around with cheats in Pokemon. I launch atmosphere, save my game, do whatever with PkHex/atmosphere cheats, and apply the changes using Edizon's save manager. It's been going fine, no problems at all, been playing around for maybe 6 hours.

    However, when I was done playing around, and wanted to play with without launching into atmosphere, my save file is 6 hours behind my atmosphere one. I thought it was an issue with the edizon save editor, so I used Checkpoint too, but got the same results. So, I'm wondering if these saves files played on while atmosphere is launched are discrete from the ones played without launching? And if there's any way to consolidate the files.
    6 hours isn't a huge deal to make up for me, but I figured I'd ask. Also, I hope this make sense

    EDIT: Simple problems have simple solutions! I was using emunand, not sysnand. No problems here! :)
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