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Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Derfhdhs, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Derfhdhs

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    Dec 28, 2016
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    I understand this is one of the lesser interests of the vita's homebrews, as talks about it stopped about a month ago, but anybody who has a fully functional EasyRPG player running on Taihenkaku, please, please gimme a hand here. I'm going to copy and paste my post I just put at the end of the original EasyRPG thread by Rinnegatamante, because I'm unsure if anyone will click through that thread just to see my inquiry.

    So, I've got the Easyrpg vpk installed, as well as about 10 games. Every single game starts up just fine, and for a little while I couldn't start a game without the "Saved Core File Succeeded" issue i've seen a number of people get. I then replaced my Easyrpg nightly vpk(61) with the one listed on vpkmirror. This SOLVED my core issue, that force-crashed my game at the touch of the X-button. Now I can fully start up the games and get to gameplay. But after enough things are on the screen, or i even start WALKING, the game chops up, and "SE: No Free Channels Available" shows up at the top of EasyRPG in yellow text, about 50 times. Stacking all the way to the middle of my Vita screen. I can't find RTP files that i can do anything with, nor do I even know what an RTP file should look like (I've only found .exe's so far and I'm on Mac).

    What files am I missing? How do I install the 2000/2003 RTP, where do I get them? What do they look like? Do I create a folder INSIDE my data/easyrpg-player folder and name it rtp? Then what? Shove all RTP-related files into that folder? Is the RTP missing even the cause of the choppy, error-ridden gameplay? I have about 6 emulators on my Vita through Retroarch, and have gained some basic knowledge of the homebrew world through Henkaku, but this is infuriating and I'm almost ripping my hair out because I have access to loads of fun RPG games and can't play more than 10 seconds of each one without a slew of problems.
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