Dumping installed DLC/Updates?

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    just for its own topic outsidew if anything else than villan3DS,

    is there a way with say with Godmode9 or another tool to Dump my installed games, DLCs and Updates to CIA's so if i need to free up space ever down the line or the SD Card goes bad and i loose data. or any reason to need to reinstall the game/content i can.
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    I think godmod9 can backup the updates/dlc, you just gotta look for the right title ids

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    Go to godmode9, Im using v1.4.3, go to "A: SYSNAND SD" then go to "title", then look for the one you need. I think the 400000 directory is the main title dir while the ones ending with "e" and "c" are the updates/dlc.

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