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    Feb 12, 2009
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    I just received one of these in the mail, I currently have two edge carts. The loading time on this dstt seems really slow. Loading gta takes anywhere from 15-20 seconds. It is real, I used the firmware from the dstt site. Can anyone offer any advice? Should I reformat the micro sd card? My other question is, this is the card with tf slot on the right if looking at the face of the dstt cartridge. Will the changes made by the savlib.dat and infolib.dat work with this card? I've never even touched a dstt till this point so I'm very unfamiliar with this cartridge. Reason I ask is this is for a friend and I'm hooking him up, I just wanna make this card a good experience for him and make the future games he gets for this function properly if they have a 1mb sav. He's not very computer literate so I was gonna switch these out for him if it would simplify it for him and help avoid future problems.

    reference to the thread involving savlib.dat and infolib.dat

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    You need to format your sd card using the panasonic formatting tool,
    Install the latest kernel 1.17 with the fake killer removed.(Search around it's on this site,if your card is real you can use the 1.17 from the DSTT website but why risk it.)
    then yes you do need to update the savlib.dat and infolib.dat files,
    Also the cheat .dat file should be updated.
    Follow the file convention instructions,(ie only afew files at root of the micro SD, a games folder for your roms etc)

    My GTA loads in about 3 seconds after I applied these fixes/changes to my dstt.
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    Apr 4, 2009
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    On my DSTT some games load really quickly and other take a really long time.
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    I get my dstt in like 2 days [​IMG]
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    Have you replaced your infolib.dat file?