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    Hi All,

    I'm totally new to this site and forum thing; however, I have a dilemma I'm hoping someone can help me with. I just bought a DSi and am looking at some R4 cards to mod it. I had bought/used the R4i-SDHC Upgrad Revolution chip to mod a friend's console. However, I didn't like how it appears the soft/restart option didn't work on it or how the menu list appears to take up two spaces so I can see only a total of 4 games at a time on the screen before I have to start scrolling down. I noticed that on ndscardsale, they have MANY different R4i chips to choose from. How do I know which one is the best one? I'm tempted to just buy the same one I had before (around $8-9) but was hoping there was a better one out there that doesn't cost too much more and meets the needs I indicated in the preceding (i.e. soft reset, single line menu list, etc). Any assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you bunches in advance! =)
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    Hey, welcome to the temp. : )

    At first, it seems that you think that the R4 is the only flashcart out there, the most people which are new to this thing think so, i suppose. But there are many other carts, which are waaaay better in terms of support, design and compalibility.
    It depends on your money, which card is good for you, if you want a "cheap", but very good flashcart, then I think the Acekard2i is the best choose for you. It has all the points you mentioned, and is on a price level of 20 dollars. If you have more money, there are other carts like the Supercard.
    If you have more questions, just ask ; )
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    Woah, no. Everything with "R4" in the name is a clone, and most of them are no longer getting firmware updates so they can't play new games. You'll find anybody here that has anything more than an R4 will tell you not to get an R4. They're old, their time has passed, it's been years, way better has arrived. The only reason R4 clones are still for sale is because it's the only name the average person has heard of, so that's what cheap clone makers name them.

    Get an Acekard 2i or an M3i Zero in order to play games.

    Though with the acekard it only displays 4 games at a time on the screen, as seen here, I don't know about the M3i Zero.
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    Just to let you know, if you find an R4i that works with the firmware at www.r4ds.me, then you can probably use Wood R4 with it. Wood R4 basically turns the R4 into an Acekard [​IMG]
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