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    I've seen in different forums that its one of 2 ways...

    A hardware hack


    software exploit

    Im leaning towards a software exploit...

    Looking at a well known site, I used a web-based translator to translate the site and heres the result...

    2008/11/01: How did one is protected by PU
    2008/11/02: How well使ENAKATTA 2
    2008/11/03: How to succeed in view of HelloWorld
    2008/11/04: DSi Purchase
    2008/11/04: very very
    2008/11/08: BMDS I play the

    Call for hackers? Then I asked! ?

    ◇ DS mode?
    0x02400000 ~ 0x02FFFFFF is 0x08000000 ~ Miller is still burning in non 0xFF swi GBA mode is to ignore the same BIOS?
    The only other set of flash read the wireless module is empty, but not from ARM7 brightness adjustment?

    ◇ Flash Card 1 ( name withheld )
    Fish Tycoon is the MONORASHII Flash Card 1 modified ROM.
    Some overlay area is checked when I think I'm okay?

    ◇ Flash Card 2 ( name withheld )
    Flash Card's team I was going to defend the law ...
    2006 FIFA World Cup's like I'm using the ROM (∵ remains in memory)
    Agents to impersonate BARENAI But I'm also吸出SHI?
    → DSL ROM when you start like you are not using the product.

    Any thoughts...?

    I apologize in advance...
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    how does dsi flash card work?

    how do you do flash me, pass me on dsi?
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    Aug 27, 2007

    Hence the reason they released a Brand New DSi version of each card that's out there and not just provided a software update!
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    Its a cross between hardware changes on the DSI as well as fooling the DSi into thinking the flashcard is an actual NDS game by spoofing a real game's headers (In some cases, some flashcards actually use a real NDS game which is highly illegal) to make the DSi boot the flashcart into a NDS compatibility mode. So flashcarts are able to run by making the DSi believe its a real game and not a flashcart which will be difficult for Nintendo to patch but still possible.

    Now the problem is, when running in NDS compatibility mode, the flashcard only has access to what is currently available on a normal DS. So its impossible for them to access the cameras, the extra RAM and processing power, the SD Slot, DSiWare, DSi games, and all the other DSi exclusive features. Its a hard coded feature into the DSi to make sure NDS games run as they should on the DSi but it also means that flashcarts are basically limited to what they are capable of doing on a normal DS. To have a flashcart boot up in DSi mode which will give them access to all the extra stuff. the encryption will have to be broken which won't happen unless someone finds a severe hardware flaw in the DSi. Even if it was cracked, a new flashcart would have to be made (WHich means another flashcart you need to buy) just to access the new DSi stuff.

    So at this moment in time, its impossible for flashcarts now to run DSi only games and apps or access any of the DSi new hardware improvements and features.
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    Thanks for the last response... That was very informative. [​IMG]
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    0.0 wow hey so theoretically if the features on the dsi were to be usable from the flashcart you would be a able to play GBA roms with the extra ram?