DS R4 GBA Cartridge Patching?

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    Jan 28, 2015
    I thought there would be a thread like this but I suck at searching forums and couldn't find anything so I am sorry if this question is already answered.

    I was wondering since it is possible to dump a save to a GBA cartridge or backup ROMs to a SD Card through an R4 card... Is there any programs to patch a GBA cartridge through a Slot-1 to Slot-2 R4 card program? And also, I might not wish to keep the patch for too long so if there is a program I am wondering, is there a way to turn it back to normal?

    Thanks, and sorry if this is a really dumb question. Which in a way I feel this might be. Haha!
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    Dec 7, 2013
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    Hey, welcome o/
    About save I don't know.. there was a time I looked for it but I could not find...
    To patch it I think its impossible , because need to be write on a rom (you mean like translation/mods, right?).
    There was a thread about using the DS to dump roms on pirate cats, but it got no resolution ... would be great :v

    Maybe this is the near we can go for what you are looking for, I guess