DS Lite + EDGE owner - Considering DSi XL

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    Hello fellow GBAtemp members and handheld afficionados!

    I'm a long-time owner of a black DS-Lite and an EDGE card (original EDGE, not the i-EDGE) with a 4gb Micro SD card.

    I've decided that the continual play and extended sessions on Ouendan games have punished the touch screen on my DS to too great a degree and I should put it into retirement and upgrade to a nice DSi XL.

    The EDGE card has served me well and I've no complaints.

    Can anyone tell me what its compatibility with the DSi (or DSi XL more specifically) compared to my DS Lite?

    Would it be wise to invest in a newer type of card instead?

    If so, which is recommended? My top priority being game compatibility.

    I've looked through the comprehensive reviews on this site for DSi-specific cards (Supercard DSTWO, M3i, Acekard2i) and can't really tell which of those cards would be best - or if I should simply stick to my EDGE for now.

    Do people out there have any specific recommendations? I take my DS with me everywhere (including a forthcoming vacation) so build-quality would also be a consideration.

    And before you ask, yes, I tried the search function but perhaps my choice of words was poor as I failed to find anything that catered to my particular concerns in this fine community.

    I'd be very grateful for any feedback, recommendations or links to similar discussions I may have overlooked.


    P.S.: I'm based in the UK - not sure if that makes any difference but it might be worth mentioning.
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    You need a new flashcard for DSi [​IMG]

    EDGE won't work (iEDGE does work on DSi (XL))

    I should go for another card then the iEDGE (Slow updates and last update was some time ago)

    To name a few descent DSi (XL) compatible Flashcards that get regular updates and have good compatibility:
    - AK2i
    - DSTWO
    - iTouch2
    - M3i Zero

    Make your Pick, if you have money to spend, go for the DSTWO i would say
    If you like a good all-round card and cheap, go for the AK2i [​IMG]
  3. Koffdrop

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    Oct 25, 2002
    United Kingdom
    Thanks for the advice. I've rushed out and bought a DSi XL (lovely!) and have plumped for the Acekard 2i. The DSTWO card is appealing but I think I wouldn't use all the features that I'd be paying for.

    Thanks again for the guidance. [​IMG]