DS #5046: Treasures of Montezuma (Europe)

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by T-hug, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Game looks alright, haven't played a puzzler in a while, this will soon be going on my mSD (And probably coming straight off after)
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    I'm guessing this is a bejewled like game. I won't bother with this, I've got PQ2 and Bejewled Twist.
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    Is the name MONTEZUMA so they don't get a big fat law sue from mexican family of Moctezuma...??? [​IMG]
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    i always thought that was the english spelling of it, however i cant say much for the quality of the american education system. [​IMG]
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    The graphics are quite nice. [​IMG]
    Gonna give it a try!

    All right, checked it out and I'd suggest it to people who like bejeweled-like games. It's not one of the usually easy clones. It get's quite tricky right away. I'd call myself an expert if it comes to games like that, but I used to run into trouble pretty soon.

    The first 3 levels are quite easy, but then it starts over and... well what should I say? It's really hard. Couldn't even make it neatr to level 10 untill now. xD

    There are crystals with other colors in it, you'll have to eliminate them, using either one or two of the same (e.g. orange with green in it) or one or two normal (in this case orange) ones.

    And you'll get disturbed by a lot of stuff while trying. And while the amount of two-colored crystals you have to elimitate increases the time you have will stay as it is. (you can upgrade it with some helpful things for stars though, but I've been trying it without them for now) If you mix up 2 or 3 two-colored crystals at once they count twice or thrice off course. [​IMG]

    So I guess it's pretty nice for those of you who like that kind of games.
  7. Well you would expect that someday they realize that you can change a story of a game the game itself will stay the same, don't see why they keep releasing games with the same bejeweled background... Hopefully someday they will realize...
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    That formula still works for FPS games. And lots of other genres too, come to think of it.