DS #4126: Aliens In The Attic (Europe)

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by B-Blue, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Sep 18, 2006
  2. cosmiccow

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    Feb 5, 2008
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    This is actually a great game. Sidescrolling shooter with some nice "bullet hell" bosses. Tight controls as well.. nothing compared to the Wii version which is totally different and totally crap..

    This is one of the few good movie tie ins.
  3. shakirmoledina

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    Oct 23, 2004
    Dar es Salaam
    for those looking for the screenies... here's one...
    here are the features similar to the other movie based games... aliens v monsters which here even looks to have the same idea in the movie and game
    Features three of the main characters of the movie, each with their own unique special skills
    Strong variety of weapons, including anti-gravity grenades, flashbangs and even a player customizable gun
    Challenging platform action with many battles and accessible puzzles
    5 vast, beautifully designed areas to play through, each with a boss fight and various additional midlevel bosses, leading to the ultimate showdown boss encounter
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