Dreamcast Collection XBOX360-COMPLEX

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    Dreamcast Collection XBOX360-COMPLEX
    Region free, wave 6, no AP25

    The games included in this collection are Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Sega Bass Fishing, and Space Channel 5 Part 2. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are great (at least I think so), I haven't played Sega Bass Fishing or Space Channel 5, however I've heard there good too. I'm somewhat disappointed by the games in this collection. I was hoping for Jet Grind Radio or Shenmue, but whatever.


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    The Disc itself has no Achievements. I can confirm that you play it off the Disc, but the Content that's on the Disc has no DRM.

    Meaning you could probably transfer each Content to a Storage Device and play it just fine without the Disc. Much like the Fallout Installer Discs and that Borderlands Double Add-On Disc.

    Update: Seems like I'm wrong. Displays Arcade Game Trial when I moved them to my HDD. But it does list them in the Game Library as Arcade games once the Disc is in and not Arcade Game Trials.