Dragon Quest XI Ad. (too much feels.)

Discussion in 'PS4 - Games & Content' started by leonmagnus99, May 28, 2017.

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    guys , i am a big DQ fan and this ad has really hit me in my feels.

    this is not just for the Dragon Quest fans feels, but overall gaming related.
    like somehow this ad. reminded me strongly of when i was still attending high school, and everyday at school i'd be thinking of returning home and play some rpg.

    everyday, thinking about video games.
    back then (highschool time) i was fantasizing playing DQ8 on ps2.
    it was the same thing everyday, always thinking about video games and gaming.

    the same thing when i was still employed office work, at work too i'd often look up gaming websites on a daily basis ,when the boss was not around haha.

    anyways, the ad. is beautiful.

    edit: And woops, mods feel free to move/delete if i posted it in the wrong section , or if it is illegal having the video up here.
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    Nice ad. I wish it were subbed so I could tell what they were saying exactly, but I get the general idea. When I was in high School I would always doodle all over my stuff, and more often than not, it was doodles of whatever game I was playing at the time. Chrono Trigger DS, Spectrobes, Super smash... then I graduated from college and moved back in with my parents. After getting a job, I remember thinking, "man. I really miss those days when I would come home from the day and go on an adventure... Oh yeah! I can!" When I got home a popped Ocarina of Time or SMT Devil Survivor into my 3DS and started the cycle again.

    I have always been a bit laggy with my gameplay timelines, and by that I mean: There are certain games that I tend to miss and play when they come out a second time. I have played Dragon Quest 1, 4,5,7, and 8 but every single one has been a revamped version. I have never been in the "now" about dragon quest save the one: Dragon Warrior Monsters. But I never got into those console games while they were happening. Which is why I am really trying to play Persona 5 right now, while its fresh. But anyways...

    I really hope we get XI. That would probably be the best RPG on my PS4. Sheesh, I can't wait. Hopefully E3 2017 is good to us.
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  3. leonmagnus99

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    Apr 2, 2013
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    hell yeah , nice story you got there too!
    i guess we are video game enthusiasts haha.

    you played a good amount of DQ games already, that's sweet!
    p5 is a great game, i like it as much as i liked p3/4 , it is such a lengthy game though.
    i am over 64hours in and still feels like i have to put another 40h in until i beat the game.

    and i am also so looking forward to DQ XI !! that game will be the best RPG for the ps4 period.

    i am curious about what nintendo will show at e3 hopefully some 3rd party show alot of love and reveal some games for the switch, i know sony will for sure blow minds of people.
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    Mar 27, 2012
    Really looking forward to DQXI too. I discovered the series on the DS and I've been hooked since.
    I've played the remakes mostly, and skipped X since MMORPGs just bore me to death.
    I really enjoyed DQIX but kinda regretted that they did not include characters with background for your team, instead you had to make generic characters yourself, which used to be a very likeable aspect of the series.
    Hopefully this one has all the nice gameplay and stuff DQIX had, but with more story and characters.