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    I considered writing this months ago when I finished the game, but never got around to it.

    For anyone who's curious to hear some firsthand experience about the 3DS version of this game (if and when the remake will be released in English), I'll try to explain the big differences as best I can.

    The game itself is essentially the same. All dungeons, bosses, scenarios, and treasures are exactly the same, so you wouldn't be missing anything by using a walkthrough of the PSX version. The only exclusive content (that I know of) are little downloadable scenarios, but none of them have anything new. You can also get access to little mini themed dungeons (i.e. all slime dungeon), with bosses (which are just larger, more powerful versions of that enemy), but that may have been in the PSX one too, I don't know.

    Anyway, they tried to shorten the prologue, which any who'd played the original will know is painfully slow and tedious, but it's still long. The whole first maze in the temple has done away with completely, and you are taken straight to the pedestals (now accompanied by a little fairy to help you) to put your shards on. It was nice, but it still took me a good 2 hours or so to get to any fighting. Also, there's one town where you relive memories of the townspeople who have been turned to stone (I forget what it's called). This part has been shortened, as well.

    The game is in 3D, of course, but because the game is so long, the models are pretty simplistic; they don't look nearly as detailed as DQVIII, but it's not important. The issue I did have is that everything is zoomed in so far on the world map that you can't see where your going (fortunately there's a map on the bottom screen to keep you oriented).

    The battles move faster, and the camera is static behind the party's back; there's no zooming in on characters when they act like in 8 or 9. Also, enemies are visible like in 9.

    The biggest reworking of the game is the Job system. Since it was easy to overpower characters by mastering a few abilities, some changes have been made to keep balance. Leveling jobs is a lot faster now, but you no longer get to keep all your abilities when you change jobs. Some will stay with you, but the more powerful and useful ones can only be used by that particular job, and there are no permanent stat upgrades like in 9 . The best choice is to pick a class for each character and stick with it, because you get nothing out of mastering other classes, except for some weaker skills and abilities that won't do you much good late in the game.

    Also, your quicksave doesn't delete itself upon reloading, so it can save a lot of time, but it also can't be used in many dungeons, so it's not as convenient as you might think.

    That's all. Aside from better graphics and some overhauls to the class system (and no outdated CG), the game is entirely the same.

    I doubt too many people will read this. I'm just bored and trying to kill time.
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    Thank you for the write up. Much appreciated.

    And I still want the game. Hopefully it comes out if Bravely Default does well here in the States, which by the looks of things it will.
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    Monkey PLZ you make some dizzy with your thread I Thought you gonna say (you found how translate shit) but you said nothing congratulations
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