Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Trailer

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    A few months ago, a sequel to the popular Dragon Quest Monsters Joker DS game was announced. The first game was a monster collecting turn based RPG not unlike Pokemon (although really, it's unfair to compare it to pokemon since Dragon Quest did the monster catching gameplay first). DQ Monsters in itself is a spinoff series of Dragon Quest which began on the Gameboy/GBC I believe. It doesn't really follow an epic quest, but rather just focuses on the monster collecting aspect put into place by earlier Dragon Quest main games. The original Joker was rather a rare breed of DS game, choosing a cel-shaded 3D approach with a fully explorable 3D world. It was impressive to say the least. And quite fun too for those who wished to have an alternative to Pokemon. Now that the sequel has been announced, a trailer has followed finally, have a look-

    For those of us who have played the first game, it's obvious that the game has been built off the same engine as the original. Very cartoony style with a very impressive 3D engine and fully 3D explorable overworld. Like last time, you run around the field where monsters run loose in plain sight (as opposed to random battles). There you level up your own monsters by defeating others. If your monsters are powerful enough, you can attempt to recruit the enemy monster by a show of force. That's basically how it works. Anyone familiar with the Pokemon style will be right at home. In the new trailer, it would appear that they have noticeably improved the animation of the characters in general. Their facial expressions and overall movement seems much more animated and fluid than the first Joker. The weather effects seem much improved as well. I assume the day/night cycle will return as well. It also seems to have a wifi function as well, which i believe allows you to battle your monsters from friends from around the world. Nice!

    This should be quite a fun game. I highly recommend the first game for anyone who is interested in these kinds of monster collecting games. The sequel should carry on the tradition. I myself grew weary of Pokemon and have grown more fond of the Dragon Quest Monsters branch of the genre. Anyways, no US date yet, but as you can see, Joker 2 will arrive in Japan on April 28th this year. So just 4 weeks away!
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    Need to play the first one. [​IMG]

    Then I would need to wait for the english release of this. [​IMG]

    Well I need to beat SS before all that.
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    Loved the first one, but the endless grinding and merging of the monsters annoyed me in the end.
    I don't think I will play this one again, I prefer Pokemon.
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    Okay..so in this one we play as side show bob?
    Oh well the last one was so good it made up for both the ugly main character and bad name even if it made sense.
    Can't wait for this game to come out.. looks like they even added some of the ones they left out in it.. I hope sky dragon is in it [​IMG]
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    The Dragon Quest Monsters games are so fucking awesome, I love them all. Caravan Hearts received a full fan translation a year or two ago, it's well worth the trek, and it's a slightly different experience from the usual games.

    I really loved the last DS one--I actually beat the game, and then I was like, wait, there's more? Awesome [​IMG] To me the Pokemon games felt like their own lasting was that they gave you more stuff to do, but it was basically the same thing the entire time--Dragon Quest Monsters, meanwhile, has varied things to do throughout your adventures. Plus, Dragon Quest monsters > pokemon any day [​IMG]
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    This just proves even more how lazy Nintendo was with just about every Pokemon DS Game... just compare the two [​IMG]
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    april 28 my son's 4th birthday
    hmm what should i do by him a gift or import dragon quest monsters (thinks long aand hard) sorry son no bike for you this year
    loads up play-asia website while giggliong like a school girl
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    a vagina :)
    [​IMG] i saw this yesterday and was about to upload it but i didnt know what it was >.
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    There has to be an AP in a game like this..

    Looks awesome tho [​IMG]
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    the first one was very good (graphically) but it was slow...
    lets hope the main issues with the first one (as usual) are solved... i wonder if Dragon Quest Joker and the other DQ games are really easy to make cuz we see alooot of titles
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    Blizzardy, Divinegon and Orochi are back?

    ...................................I need this game NAO! [​IMG]
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    By the looks of the big number 300, they must mean 300 monsters. I can't read Japanese worth shit but it looks that way. Looks like they have massively bumped up things like the overall world design and how much more lengthy the game is going to be. I just hope the story is of superior quality to the crap fest of the last one.