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    "- Traveling Performer class has a Technique called “Breathe Fire“
    - perform gestures by pressing the B button + directional pad
    - you may be able to learn more than 5 gestures
    - view city maps on the top screen
    - talk to townfolk to obtain quests
    - possible quests: run an errand, get an item, fight off monsters
    - specific quest: A character named Dulio asks you to steal an item from a Metal Hunter. If you succeed, you can join ‘Dulio’s Thieves’ Guild’. Access your quest log to see where the Metal Hunter is
    - first quest: Maron asks you to retrieve a (Spotted) Spider’s web.
    - another quest: Irohon asks you for “Magic Fairy Water”. If obtained, he gives you a delivery quest
    - strange quest: A character is told that he looks like a Tensk (a monster from DQVI). This hurts his feelings, and he requests that you go out and kill 10 Tensks
    - Tows: Beksaria Village, Wolro Village, Katekota, Sanmaro and more"

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    Dragon Quest and Quests? If I wasn't a sucker before, I surely am now [​IMG] I need to get around to playing this when it comes out (too bad Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker doesn't work on the SuperCard any longer...).
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    More scans