Dragon Quest 9 early part mini-walkthrough

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    For people who want to cut to the chase

    Fight the battle

    Now you're in angels' world

    Go talk to the elder, who is located in the upper level (go to lower center, there is a set of stairs leading upstairs)
    Go to the world tree and return the star orb. Go outside and keep going higher to reach the tree.
    Your teacher will show up. He asks you if he can drop the formalities (he used to call you "Wollow town guardian angel NAME") if you talk to him.
    Go report to the elder
    Go to the first floor and talk to the female angel near the star shaped fountain(?)

    Now you're in Wollow Town.
    Go to the right and talk to the dog. It leads you to a place. Examine it and get a ring. Go to church and return the ring to a woman.
    Go all the way left and clean up all the horse crap.

    It turns to night.
    Go right, you meet your teacher again. He tells you angel's work is not only protecting people but also sending the ghosts to heaven.
    Talk to the ghost, it wonders why everyone ignores him. He asks you if he's... Say yes and he thanks you for letting him realize.
    Return to the skies with the teacher.

    Go to the world tree. Return all orbs to the tree.

    Watch the movie

    Go to the house all the way left (Need's house)
    Return to Rikka's place (all the way right). Talk to Rikka, say yes and rest.
    Rikka wakes you up, Need's come to see you. He wants you to escort him.

    Now you can go out of town
    You can rest at Rikka's place

    Part 2 link (click)
    Part 3 link (click)
    Part 4 link (click)
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    Fits better in help section, moved.
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    Great mini-walkthrough. You gonna continue this?

    lol @1st post in 6 years XD
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    since i am progressing the game
    if you are stucked with the main story line
    just drop a note here

    CONGRATS on your virgin post
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    Wow is it legal to call a (6-year old account)-holder a newcomer?

    Okay here's a little bit more past that point

    Exit town and go straight east to the next map. You'll end up in a forest. Take the left upper path and a cutscene occurs.
    The soldiers will clean up the landslide.

    Return to town.
    Go to Need's place I think.
    He'll get scolded by his dad for risking his life for such minor thing. (Leaves party)
    Since the soldiers mentioned a inn/pub-owner has gone missing around town, go out of town and go south east to the ruins.

    Examine the tablet blocking the door.
    Follow the ghost and push the button.
    Go through the ruins and you'll find the woman and face the first boss.

    The boss is pretty easy (took me 4-5 normal attacks to take down and he deals only 5 damage)
    Now go back to town, head to the inn.

    The woman tells Rikka to work at her inn, telling her that her dad is a legendary inn-tycoon.
    Rikka is in disbelief. Head to Rikka's place, you'll see her dad's ghost.
    Go to the bushes to the upper right of the inn and you find the inn-tycoon recognition trophy.
    Show it to Rikka and she decides to leave town.

    Go east again, past the forest to the castle. Examine the post in the middle of town and talk to the guards. They'll let you in.

    Also there are 3 quests available so far. One in Wollow Town, talk to a girl and she asks for spider webs. Exit town and follow the stream all the way around, you'll find a giant spider web and 3 sparkles each yielding an item. The other 2 is in the church of the castle. Talk to the woman and she wants you to do a Guts posture. Press B and up as it is the default. Talk to her again and she asks you to do a turn-clap-jump-guts combo. Bind all four to the down button (you have to. As it is a semi-tutorial for expression combos).

    You don't have to do the side quests as the rewards are expressions and consumable. (And they can be tedious if you don't read Japanese obviously)

    Now go to the inn and a cutscene occurs. You can return later to hire party members and play local multiplayer and such.

    Also if you have mage/healer in your party you could buy the 800G (and some change) staff and use it as a tool to launch Mera (fireball) for no MP cost. Obviously better than 1 damage staff melee =P

    That's all for today. This post is pretty long.
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    Talk to the king. Go out of town.
    Go north one map.
    Go east to the round area. Boss Black Knight will appear.
    Its attacks are quite damaging especially if you're (more like your new allies are) underleveled and poorly equipped.
    But nothing hoimi (heal) can't fix.

    Defeat the Black Knight. Go talk to the King.
    Go towards the princess. She'll run off. Follow her and talk to her.

    Exit town and go north one map. Go north to the village.
    Go clockwise and enter the house on the northeast. Talk to the lady on the left and listen to the song.
    As you reach the town exit, Black Knight will appear.

    Exit town and go northwest to the next map. Then go north to the ruins of a castle.
    Go to the throne room and an event occurs. Talk to the witch, her curse doesn't work on you because you know why.
    You go into a boss fight after then. If your physical characters deal more damage, decrease her defence using mage.
    She's not too hard.

    Talk to the Black Knight and an event occurs. Fione from the castle came with Meria's pendant.
    The story is, the Black Knight and Princess Meria had a thing going on and the vampire witch ruined everything.
    When the Great Earthquake happened (the day your hero lost his/her angelness) witch's curse weakened and BK rose again.
    He thought Fione was Meria, so the king hired you to get rid of BK to stop him from hasseling Fione.
    Now Fione's satisfied BK's (which you'll see in a cutscene) wish he passes.

    Go back to the castle (Sentstein Castle, which is the first castle you went to. I don't know how to spell it so don't pay too much attention)
    Talk to the king, you get the key to the treasury. Take the stairs up and go out. Go right and open treasure chests.
    As you exit the castle an event occurs. Go back to the forest and to the train. It still doesn't move.
    (The fairy is Sandy, driver of the train)
    Go north east, there is a big town. You'll notice half the people are sick.

    Go to the elder's house, the biggest one. Second floor, talk to him.
    Go out from his house, go to the house on the left and talk to the girl on bed.
    Go out from her house, go down the stairs and take a u-turn. Talk to Eliza and enter the room.
    Talk to Ruphin. He studies the relationship between the sickness of people and the ruins west of town.

    Talk to the elder. You'll get a key to the ruins.
    Talk to Ruphin, he runs off. Exit town and go west.
    Enter the ruins. You need to open the door by shining 2 lights on the door. It's not a puzzle, don't worry.
    Just turn on two switches on upper left and upper right of the ruins.
    Also you find metal slimes here, it gives 1000+EXP per party member per metal slime defeated.

    Once the door is open, a jar that seals sickness is broken during the Great Earthquake and a sickness monster boss appears.
    This boss is very annoying; it decreases AGI and DEF of your entire party and moves twice in a turn.
    If you have a mage, you can counter the AGI loss but DEF loss is hard to counter as it happens quite often and you probably don't have a mass DEF-up skill.

    That's it for now. Will add more if I play later today
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    Thanks I'll do that. Although I'm more of a mini-walkthrough fan. Don't really post much in gaming forums (as you can tell). I'll keep an eye out for updates.

    Thanks deathfisaro
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    Go back to town. Talk to the elder.
    Talk to Eliza. Talk to the elder. Go to the inn and rest until night (second option).
    Talk to the elder again. You get a feathered band (what the...). Go to the tomb and talk to Eliza.
    Go to Ruphin's library. Townspeople want to thank Ruphin for curing them but Ruphin doesn't know who was sick.
    Take Ruphin to people who used to be sick.

    Old man in the house to the west
    Bunny girl in the inn
    Man in the east house and the girl on the second floor (actually his wife IIRC but she's sleeping so)

    Return to the library. Eliza's wish was that Ruphin is liked by the townspeople. Now it's done, she passes.
    Exit the inn. Head to the train in the forest again. (I recommend using Chimaera's Wing to the castle.)

    Enter Rikka's inn. She gives you an alchemy pot. You can create items here.
    And from now on you should examine every bookshelf for recipes.

    Ride the train to the angel world. Go downstairs and go through the upper left door.
    Go all the way to the praying angel. Go to the world tree.
    Go back to the train and go to the place you saw in your dream.
    Walk to the temple to your upper right. It's very close and the monsters aren't too strong.

    Enter the temple and watch the event. Go out to the field and re-enter. Talk to the priest.
    Go to the basement and talk to the maid and the brawler. Also there's a merchant sitting on a table.
    Talk to the priest again.

    Go out and head north east to the tower. You need to use bow expression in front of the door.
    Reach the top and talk to the high priest. You'll go into a boss battle.
    This battle will be annoying because the boss likes to use skill/spell that damages the entire party.

    Defeat it and return to temple. Talk to the high priest and now you can class change.
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    thanx for this

    keep it up!