1. moon33000

    OP moon33000 Member

    Apr 12, 2010
    Hello everyone

    Voila, I have a small problem with DQMJ 2 Pro

    I finished the game (well, I think) by defeating the monster seated on a throne, on the floating island, then his second form. After that, King Sanguini takes his place on the throne and two other sanguinis appear at his side, a mottled and a pink. With the spotted, it is fighting in the chain until we lose. But the sanguine rose, I can not access it. I spoke to King sanguinis and he said something in connection with the sanguine rose (the same symbols appear in the words of King Sanguini sanguinis and pink). But alas, I can not access his challenge. Does anybody know how? Should specific monsters? Or do something special?
    Thank you for your help
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