Homebrew Download of the latest available version of devkitARM for 32bit?


Jan 17, 2013
Good day.

I've been wanting to compile 3DS homebrew myself, and I had a previously working (although somewhat old) build of devkitARM and devkitPPC on my Dell 32bit laptop. It's somewhat old but it does the job when compiling and doing romhacking stuff quite nicely.

This week I attempted to compile a homebrew which made use of "sdmmc", and apparently the build I had of devkitARM didn't have it, so I had to upgrade the devkitARM itself.

However, to my surprise, it seems devkitPro is no longer supporting anything 32bit, only 64bit binaries now, so I went through all the trouble of setting up Pacman on Gentoo and stuff, only to find out that when I try to compile any 3DS homebrew with the newest builds, I get an "Exec format error", because all of the binaries from the latest versions of all devkits from devkitPro are now 64bit binaries, despite the architecture of the system.
And even worse, I tried to go to their Forums for feedback, but I already sent a thread there as well as a post to an already made thread, and they are awaiting for mod approval since Tuesday I believe.

I wanted to see if I could find the 32 binaries of one of the most recent builds of devkitARM, but sadly I had no luck, as it seems they are nowhere to be found on devkitpro's site, and SourceForge (which previously had all the builds) now is empty and redirects to devkitPro's site.

So I was wondering if there is someone that has the most recent 32bit builds of both devkitARM and devkitPPC?
I am not sure what versions I had, but I think they are more than a year old iirc.

Hopefully someone can lend me a hand as I cannot compile anything for ARM nor PPC.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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