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Jan 29, 2008
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Okay I'm having trouble with this part

BIG MOE said:
*Prepair Wii Console For Downgrade:

(NOTE: this section only for 3.3 and 3.4 Consoles for lower versions go to next step)

1- Go to HBC and run (1-Wad Manager 1.3) , Select SD card to browse the Wad folder , select
(IOS16-64-v257-prod) from list and press + to install , now exit and reboot system .
2- Go to HBC and run (2-Custom Wad Manager 16) , Select SD card to browse the Wad folder ,
select (Cios_fix) from the list and press + to install , now exit and reboot system .
PS:if you get error = -1035 please follow these steps to solve it ( thanks to OLVAP337 for this infos )
- First run anytitle deleter and skip errors and if u see ios249 try deleting it is uncessfull (probably)
- try with cios_uninstaller v1.1 (also fail probably)
- then use cios_uninstaller v1.0 (sucess probably)
- then install ios 16 with wad manager and cios_fix with custom wad manager
- then continue steps

3- Go to HBC and Run (3-IOS Downgrader) and that will downgrade your IOSs to get advantage of
turcha bug .(if any errors accured run the downgrader again til no more errors)

Where is Custom Wad Manager 16 it doesn't pull much on google.

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