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    Jul 25, 2016
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    I know this is an old game, but I’d like to revive this topic.

    Button 1 is walk/run
    Button 2 is jump/grab
    Shake is roll

    From reading I saw that @crediar remapped shake -> button B

    while that is more precise than this stake bullshit, I am wondering if the following is possible

    Button 1 initial press - roll
    Button 1 while held - run
    Button 1 release - nothing / as is

    So if you are running and let go and then press button 1 it will initiate the roll and continue the run.

    That change will mimic DKC1-3 snes controls.

    @crediar please tell me if this is possible on the vwii or wiiu eshop version.

    (I can program the above actions on th dolphin emulated version, but if it is possible to achieve natively it would be amazing)

    #[email protected]_rare for doing these gimmick controls with no options for the original/precise controls
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