Dolphin can now purchase games

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    Dolphin has always been an awesome application that emulates Wii and Gamecube games in HD on PC. But there was one particular feature every Dolphin user has missed the most. According to my sources (who wish to remain anonymous at this time), some users even cursed and rage deleted Dolphin just because that particular feature was missing. Of course I'm talking about Dolphin's inability to purchase games from the Wii Shop. Afterall, what's the point of an emulator if you can't buy games for it, right?

    Well, if you are one of those users, I am pleased to announce that your days of agony are about to end, because as of version 5.0-2874, you can actually visit the Wii Shop and buy games straight from Dolphin! That's right, Dolphin is now a fully fledged software Wii HD!

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    :arrow: Source: Anonymous
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    %95 percent of the people that use dolphin will still go for piracy unfortunately. :(