Does GBA games have Anti Piracy?

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    So I honestly dont know if I should put this here or a DS section but... here it is!

    So I use Twilight Menu ++ and I used the GBArunner a few times. When I was messing around with it, I installed Sonic Advance 2 on it.

    I figured out I shall play SA2 on the GBArunner one day and then when I booted it up, it actually showed 4 grey lines and couldn't play the game.

    It played some song that nobody had ever heard and wonder if its just my copy of GBARunner. Usually it plays perfectly on the Visual Boy Advance emulator, but my most opinion it was on Anti Piracy.

    Sooooo is this true?
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    Could just be GBARunner. I've never heard of SA2 having anti piracy..
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    There are some covers it, and the other trouble games.

    The only problem most have with the Sonic stuff is when they want to do Chao Garden with a flash cart (which may or may not change the way the saves work and thus bother the gamecube side of things). I am not aware of it having any anti piracy or other things that emulator/flash cart users have to worry about.

    Afraid I don't know much about GBArunner's specifics, though a lot of these compatibility layers and borrowed emulators, to say nothing of the GBA itself being fairly hard to emulate on the DS and even DSi, do lack in one way or another and are far from representing a flawless solution.
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    An answer from Gericom, developer of gbarunner2 why Sonic 1 and 2 are currently not playable.

    "It tests the link hardware, which is not implemented yet and yields those boxes on test fail."