Does 3DS get scratched easily?

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    I only got the console and I don't know what I should do with it, just don't play until I buy a case?

    does the vinyl (serene?) wrap work? can I have any kind of advice for avoiding scratches please? anything ghetto is fine too.

    edit: also for the touchscreen can I use the ipod screen protector? that's all I got right now lol
  2. Slyakin

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    I can't see my 3DS scratching at all. It's that kind of material that just gets fingerprints like a fucking magnet.

    Other then that, you're safe! [​IMG]

    And no, you can't use an iPod screen protector. I think that it actually hinders the screen (if you cut it to actual size) because it was designed for capacitive touch, not resistive.
  3. Dylan

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    Probably not the best idea to stick an ipod screen protector to a 3DS... Just sayin'
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    iPods have capacitive touchscreens, those protectors just need to be robust and don't mess up the magnetic field. The 3DS uses a resistive screen so screen protectors for this must be flexible to not disturb the bending of the screen where you touch it. So basicly no, iPod protectors aren't a good idea [​IMG]

    PS: I don't understand the fear for scratches though, none of my 2 DSLs, 1 DSi, 3 Smartphones or anything else ever had any visible scratches on the plastic parts even though I've carried them around in the same pocket as my keys and generally didn't go too light on them (most notably, the only part to ever get scratched is my Desire Z's battery lid which is made of metal). I understand why people protect the touchscreen because that one really gathered scratches from the cheap plastic stylus on the DS/L/i, but I'm completely confident about the new rubberized stylus to not scratch anything at all.