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    Unknown region locking (some Cave shooters have been locked, some are region free and there is politics on top of it all). Wave and AP25 unknown (we have LT+ now anyhow).

    Cave have made some of the best shooters in a long time for the 360, like most of their games this is an arcade port (in this case of the 1.5 version). For those that like their subgenres complex bullet hell would probably describe it.
    One review <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    There looks to be two versions (one with audio CD) and both appear to have download codes for something (1.51 whatever that is).

    Audio CD title from Amazon Japan
    怒首領蜂 大復活 ver.1.5(初回限定版:特典アレンジCD、「怒首領蜂 大復活Ver1.51」ダウンロードトークンカード 同梱)
    Regular title from Amazon Japan
    怒首領蜂 大復活 ver.1.5(通常版:特典「怒首領蜂 大復活Ver1.51」ダウンロードトークンカード 同梱)

    CD boxart
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    Regular boxart
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    <b>Trailer/gameplay video</b>
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    Region locked to Japan.
    All new Cave releases are.
    The only region free ones were Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 and Espgaluda II Standard Edition (not Limited).
    Looking forward to the game like a mad man.
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    The upcoming Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets is going to be region free! I can't wait!
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    you just made my day ! - hallelujah

    - what a bump btw lol.