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  • Hey mate, please answer on my message! I need help translating Toukiden, we almost have complete patch.
    I just found your thread about a fan translation for Tales of Destiny 2. I don't know Japanese but I am willing to do the work of adding the subtitles since there is an already finished English script on gamefaqs. Someone would just have to help me to learn how to do it and I would do it. I am a fast learner. I know it is a lot of work and I don't care if the response has been timid.
    Thinking about getting back to the scene...
    Dude what's the update in GE2? is it this year to be released? i hope it is.
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    I'm sorry to awkwardly comment to you like this to get in contact with you, since I'm not used to this site, but! A few of us have decided to take on fully translating Tales of Destiny 2, and we found your post from years ago that you'd be willing to do the programming aspect of it. We're not sure if you're still interested, but you can either contact me here or on twitter (@jenachuu) if you'd like to talk about it.
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    Hello Sky.. I just want to ask if you have a text extraction/reinsertion tool for God Eater 2? Here in our country, there are some people interested in translating it to English.
    Sky-san could you help out a bit about the PSP2I project?
    we've had some problem because they make 3 version of nmll
    NMLL version 2.0 with encryption
    NMLL version 2.0 with encryption and compression
    NMLL version 2.1 with encryption and different compression (compression technique is unknown so can't be editted)
    So if you could and not busy of course^^
    Oh and just to be sure, I'm still waiting for your answer so if because of anything that you can't help me then please tell me so. I can totally understand and thank you so much for your hardwork at translating this wonderful game.
    Uhm Sorry for bothering you but is there anyway I can play/convert the sound files of Type-0? They're in sscf format which I don't know how to deal with them. I posted this onto the Type-0 topic but it seems like you didn't have seen it. Thank you in advance.
    hi sky if possible can i request Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki english translation patch ?
    tq in advance
    Hi Sky I know that the project is coming to a close soon so just wanted to ask if you could let me know when you want me to create the front page news story for the completed translation.
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    Hola Sky, queria saber si cuando terminen la traduccion completa se subira el ISO/UMD completo o daran solo el archivo del texto, pero realmente, yo no se como pegar ese archivo dentro del ISO/UMD, espero que me puedas ayudar, mucha gracias por hacer la traduccion y les deseo exitos :)
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