D-Wheeler Accel Duelist, Male, from Southeast Asia

Sep 16, 2013
Level 2
    1. blackfire219
      I wonder what PiezoSparker is doing... He's been inactive for a month. I hope that he is okay right now.
    2. Zero Dozer
      Zero Dozer
      Well, I gotta thank you for your work with Piezo on the V2 patch for Type-0. It is fantastic. Had a hard time to put it on due to my PC bitching against the USB cable (almost destroying my card adapter where my PSP things go), but I'm playing it and I'm loving it.

      I hope you log on and read this, just so you know that you did a great work and I should have believed you since the start.
      1. blackfire219
        You're welcome, bro. I just wanted to help for the bugfixing even though I never became a part of Skybladecloud's team.
        But to answer your question about V3 patch..
        PiezoSparker has been inactive for a month. So we can't expect a V3 patch for now. I hope that he will post updates soon.
        May 7, 2015
      2. blackfire219
        Just testing if you can already see it again.
        May 8, 2015
      3. Zero Dozer
        Zero Dozer
        I can see it now, thanks.
        May 9, 2015
    3. blackfire219
      Playing games on PSVita.
    4. Valkemiere
    5. blackfire219
      Playing games 24/7
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  • About

    August 3
    Southeast Asia
    Computer/HVAC Technician
    Hello there!

    *I really love to play Handheld console and PC games mainly NARUTO STORM series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series, FINAL FANTASY series (most of its latest series like CRISIS CORE FFVII, TYPE-0 and DISSIDIA series), and others.
    *I am a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Collector (but I also duel with my friends). I like to collect and construct Yu-Gi-Oh! card decks.
    *I love music
    *I like to watch Anime especially Harem genre xD
    *I like to modify game textures, swap model colors, costumes, whole character model swap, map texture swap, etc.
    *I want to learn PSP game romhacking, so that I can patch my Japanese PSP Games to English language.
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