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    Having been mag staff during some of the news system changes (and being the no-lifer that sees a lot of the public shit in these forums on top of that), I have to say some people could really use a memory refresher.

    GBAtemp's focus on general gaming news is a recent development, the news was primarily hack and homebrew-based before the decision to include non-homebrew gaming news as a major point as well. The reason is because the hacking/homebrew scene is dying down in most cases, there's not nearly as much new homebrew to write about as there was before.

    User-submitted news used to be a resource from which articles from the front page would be pulled. Whenever you posted a thread in USN there was a "submit for the front page" checkbox, which would make the article go into a queue for mag staff and mods to look at. If the article was approved, it would be pulled into a Tempbot post (to prevent the OP from editing the article after it was on the front page for vandalism) and pushed to the front page.
    (Here's some info from back then.)

    Here's some examples of things pulled into tempbot for the front page.

    It's not just small news that made it to the wrong page. Writeups and explanations were commonly pushed to the front page too.

    The focus on user-created things (tools, writeups, etc.) is also a way to showcase GBAtemp's creations. Sometimes staff would pick out things from the forums themselves (instead of waiting for a submission) and do a small writeup on it, pushing or featuring user-created content to the front page without it even needing to be submitted.

    Notice the key linking all these different ways that news was posted?
    The explanations and blurbs were written by people on this forum.

    Why am I showing you all this?

    So you all can see what the USN/forum USED to produce, then maybe look at your own submissions and realize why people are saying they need to be improved. The idea behind user-submitted news hasn't changed, the submissions have just dropped so far in quality that enforcement is needed.

    This doesn't apply to everybody, there's still users that put some effort into their posts and try to encourage actual discussion (Gahars, etc.), I just wanted to clear up the misconception that this expectation of A LITTLE FUCKING EFFORT is new.
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