Dlc and cfw question

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    Hey everybody I'm pretty new to the Wii U scene. But I installed some games using the Brazilian method. I have yet to install a custom firmware though. I only would do that so that I could play DLC. But I don't want to go through the hassle of having to load the custom firmware every time I play the game unless I feel like using the DLC if that makes sense.

    Essentially my question is could I load and play my game with the DLC already installed without booting into custom firmware and just not be able to access the DLC. Or once I install DLC I have to always access that game through a custom firmware regardless of whether I want to use the DLC

    In another way. I can play breath of the wild any time without loading in a custom firmware currently due to the install Channel. But once I beat the game I want to try the new DLC Quest. Once I install the DLC can I still go back and boot the game without a custom firmware and just not be able to access the DLC?
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    No, if you try to load it with the DLC Installed, the wii u has an error and says to reboot the console, essentially meaning you cannot play the game without cfw with the DLC installed.
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