DIY Brick Recovery?

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  1. PaiiNSteven

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    My 3ds is softbricked; it gets into the home menu and doesnt do anything else. I cant open any apps or anything (because i tried to cartridge update instead of regular update, dumbass me ._ .). Would I be able to modify some sd card file so that it boots into Decrypt9 or OTPHelper, so I could undo said softbrick? Thanks :D
  2. jerrmy12

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    Apr 8, 2016
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    Use the recovery menu
  3. Lilith Valentine

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    Do you have A9LH installed and a NAND back-up? If you do, you can just CtrBootManager9 to boot into Decrypt9 and recover from your NAND back up.
  4. Magical Sheep

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    Following what jerrmy12 said, if you hold A, R, L and up on the d-pad when you turn it on, the 3ds will go into recovery mode and you can update it to the newest version.
  5. PaiiNSteven

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    I've tried that. Doesn't work either. :I
    Edit; I was pressing the wrong buttons! Thank GOD I can update my 3DS before the 10.8 update. Thank you everyone so much!
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