Dissidia Re-Dub, Re-Texture.

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    Apr 8, 2009
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    Hi everyone ,
    Started ripping audio off of the original final fantasy X and i didnt think porting them into dissidia would be this hard.
    Pretty much i have a load of "WAV" formatted clips and qoutes of everyone. I was thinking about Dubbing the old
    Tidus and dubbing Cloud's voice for Zack's. can't you picture.

    (Cloud's EX BURST: YEAH!!! IM ON FIRE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I was gonna dub the USA version, but I saw a few tools that only worked in the JP version. So I decided to go with that.
    this is where i got stuck, i have what i want, but how do i replace it for the Voice dubs in jp? well after a long search i finally found
    Tidus's File with all his dubs in it, needless to say i found his, so i can probbably find everyone else's such as Ultimacia.
    I was thinking about doing a Lulu Dub for her. THE POINT IS its in sscf format, not only that...its compressed into one big file.

    -What i need to know is
    -how to extract sscf file.
    -find out what format the extracted .sscf files are.
    -see if i can convert my current waves into that format.
    -then if i come that close...repack it into .sscf
    if i came that far i think i can repack into a package bin with "dffbinextr" or so says the person who made it (Vash)
    then test and see...

    I got a heads up that it was rather easy to mess with and edit the textures in dissidia, but when i got the heads up i though he was talking about the textures of the models, so of course that failed...BUT! extracting the GMI to PMG is the easy part but how do you ...repack it?

    I REALLY wana hack Tidus! or any other character for that matter! to give him a new color of hair...and maybe a weapon. so if it was entirely possible to extract some GMO's and maybe look for the model textures,

    (they look like this)

    then change em up to look awesome! that would be great.( if you hacked brawl textures then you would know what i mean )

    but then agian...stuff i dont know
    -how to find the texture models
    -see if we can convert the texture's to something like PNG or something we can edit it with
    -edit it and convert back into GMO
    -then if all ended well, we could test it and see it it worked.

    i'm pretty sure everyone is tired of post's like these but i would appreciate ANY help or anything you might know or idea's
    thanks in advance!