DiskEx closes immediately after opening it??

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    I've downloaded DiskEx version 0.8 and 0.9 and when I try to open them, neither of them stay open and close immediately. I just tried "open as administrator" and that didn't work either lol. The only copy I've been able to get to work was 0.8b and it's totally in Spanish (which completely doesn't work for me lmao). Any ideas on how I could get a copy to actually stay running when I click it? Or are there any guides for it where I could just follow the steps without having to read what it says? Because when I drag and drop an ISO into the Spanish one, nothing happens and my mouse symbol becomes the typical "not allowed" symbol that has a circle with a line through it. So I haven't made any progress. Help??

    Here's a pic of the Spanish one and the ISO I'm trying to drag to it (prt scr button didn't pick up the not allowed symbol though):

    By the way, I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit in case anyone wanted to know.

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