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    Jul 15, 2007
    I'm having a really weird problem. I don't know when this started happening, but I just noticed it now. I think it happened after I downgraded/upgraded my firmware but Im not 100% sure.

    - If I start up my wii and play a game from the wii disc channel my Wii discs read and play just fine.
    - If I start up Homebrew Channel, then exit it back to the wii menu.. my disc channel doesn't work anymore. It always says "The disc could not be read, for more information check your user manual" This happens everytime and with every disc (real, or burned)
    - If I turn off the wii, then turn it back on the discs read just fine again.
    - If I go into a game, then exit back to the wii menu games still work fine.
    - If I go to the wad manager channel and then exit back to the wii menu discs still work just fine.

    From what I've tried so far it only messed up when I go into homebrew channel and exit back to the menu. And it always fixes when I power off and on the wii.

    I used the "ULTIMATE System Menu 4.0 Guide" To set up my wii.
    I did have 3.2U, but now I have 4.0 with preloader installed.
    I'm having no other problems.
    Edit: Also I'm using d2pro v3

    Any ideas what's wrong and how I fix it??
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