Discoloration on DSi touch screen.

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    I bought a brand new DSi like a week ago and after three days I noticed a small area of the touch screen that would get discolored when I touched it. Kind of like the you poke an LCD screen, the colors get all wavy. That's exactly what would happen when I touched that area.

    I advise everyone to go in to the Calibrate Touch Screen process and touch EVERYWHERE on your touch screen and look for discoloration so you can possibly get a replacement or send it out to Nintendo.

    Also, look as closely as possible at your Styli as you can, because mine had burrs on them that would scratch my touch screen.
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    Yah someone also posted about that wave affect they got a month or two ago. They think it was just a factory defect.
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    Hmm, weird .. I just tried on my DSL, but as I expected: I couldn't find anything. I've never heard of such LCD deformations on a GBA+ hendheld. I hope more people will reply if such a fabric malfunction appears ... please state general living area too (US only :?)

    Burr(s) (cropped for relevance):
    # The Burr distribution, a continuous probability distribution
    # A burr (metal), a deformation of metal wherein a raised edge forms on a metal part which has been machined
    # Burr wood, a deformed type of wood in which the grain has been misformed
    # A burr (cutter), a small cutter used in rotary tools for metalworking
    (I wouldn't be able to translate that if my life would depend on it, so googled it for reference [​IMG] )