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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ZagTheWag, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. ZagTheWag

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    So I want to run gamecube games through Dios Mios on usb loader gx but I have a few questions.
    1. I still want to play retail gamecube discs through the disc channel, i have read that dios mios disables retail gamecube disc support, is this still true?
    2. If I do not want to have Dios Mios anymore can i uninstall it?

    If you can answer any of these questions that would be wonderfull. thanks in advance

    P.S I still want to play my retail games trough the disc channel, i dont really want to boot them using any 3rd party launcher
  2. TecXero

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    1: Yes, at least last I checked. It's due to how it works, since it's just a modified version of the Wii's MIOS. Oops, looks like I was wrong.
    2: Just reinstall an unmodified MIOS. You can grab it using NUS Downloader.

    Honestly, Nintendont should serve your purposes just fine and won't mess with your MIOS so you can still use your NGC discs from the "Disc Channel" as well.
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  3. Cyan

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    1. it's false.
    The Disc is NOT disabled.

    Users think it's disabled because they don't understand how DIOS MIOS (or DIOS MIOS Lite) is working, and often report bad informations on forums that other users take for granted.
    DIOS MIOS is trying to mount HDD partition BEFORE launching the disc.
    DIOS MIOS Lite is trying to mount SD partition BEFORE launching the disc.

    If you want to launch retail disc with DIOS MIOS, be sure to connect a working and properly setup HDD (one which is working with DM, with correct partition format, MBR, primary, FAT32 on first partition, 32k cluster, etc.) before launching your game from the disc channel. If you installed DIOS MIOS, it's most probably because you have a working HDD setup to play backups with it. so just keep it plugged all the time to the console and it should work.

    2. like he said, just reinstall a different MIOS file.
    The Wii only has 1 MIOS slot, installing one remove the previous version.
    MIOS : (v6 or v8 or v10) : official from nintendo, play retail disc (and burned disc if you have a modchip)
    cMIOS : MIOS mod, plays single ISO burned disc and multi-iso burned discs, boots from loader or from disc channel. (multi-ISO disc doesn't work if you have a modchip)
    DIOS MIOS : plays backup from USB, retail disc from disc channel (need HDD plugged), retail disc from loaders (need HDD plugged), or burned disc if you have a modchip.
    DIOS MIOS Lite : plays backup from SD, or retail disc from disc channel (need SD plugged), retail disc from loaders (need SD plugged), or burned disc if you have a modchip.

    Note that DM and DML are both falling back to Disc launching if you try to boot a backup from USB or SD with wrong settings. (for example, trying to boot USB with DML, or SD with DM, etc.)
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