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    Nov 18, 2008
    I was looking around Dingoonity, when I found this post made by ValdikSS:

    However, I had problems in Windows getting Dingux to launch the script. Turns out you must have the file in a UNIX format or it won't work. Mine was in a Windows format. After fiddling around with it, I got it to work, and I decided to put it up on Filetrip for others to download so they don't have to go through that. Installation is simple, unzip and put the script in /local/gmenu2x/scripts or wherever you want, and then set up a launcher to launch the script. For added effect, set the launcher to underclock the CPU to 250MHz or so.

    Anyways, credit goes to ValdikSS for making the script, and to me for uploading the script.

    You can download it here.
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