Discussion Difference between Bought games and lend games (NSP/eShop Format)

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    So as you may know gamesharing between multiple Switches is now possible but there is one catch: Whenerver you try to start a lend game you have to start it with the account that is the owner of the content.
    Has anybody dumped a shared game and checked what the difference is between the original one and the lend version?

    Wild guess for a possible exploit:
    Install the game in OFW (you will need someone who is willing to share his games though)
    "Patch" the owner of the game in CFW to be your own account or a throwaway dummy account
    Play the game online without restrictions in OFW (if you have paid for the online service)

    Your thoughts? Would this be a possible way to get "warez" and still be able to play the game online? Or is it possible (easy) for Nintendo to detect that you "changed the owner of the game"?
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    This is most likely the e-licensing that was introduced in firmware 6.0 that only allows the game to be launched when the console is online and can verify the account information whereas e-tickets are used for games on the primary account so they can be launched offline.