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    Jul 29, 2015
    Hey Guys,

    at my work, we have access to a DevKit where we test our Software on,
    Accessing it using the Xbox One Manager - Application works fine, installing XDK-Software as well as UWP-Software works without any problems.
    But since this is a DevKit, it's obvious.

    I just got a Xbox One X a few days ago and activated the Developer Mode on that device.
    Since that one I got is a Retail Unit and not a XDK DevKit, it only officially supports developing UWP-Software.

    Do you guys know if it's possible to get that Unit to run XDK-Software written with the Xbox One XDK SDK?
    I'd like to install the XDK-software we create on my Retail Unit.
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    No, kits that are UWA/Retail Devkits differ greatly in capabilities compared to a Game Devkit. For example, your retail kit cannot launch the ERA VM which is required for XDK built games.

    You are restricted to UWP.
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    These are risky purchases because typically boxed items typically aren't activated. The first console, the durango with the case, is very likely an ERA kit. Without seeing pictures of them booting then I'd highly recommend to not purchase unless you're collecting.
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