Deluxe or Basic? Which fits me better?

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  1. Kyouhei

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    Aug 18, 2011
    Okay, so I'm saving up for a Wii U and seeing as I'm a little under halfway to a Deluxe set, I feel I should ask...Should I just use the $50 extra for the Deluxe set and buy a game or two? Is the deluxe set the best deal Hands down?
    Key details:
    • Money isn't an issue
    • I don't care how I get games really, I use Digital download and Physical Copies of games equally
    Other questions:
    Does letterbomb and Bannerbomb Allow the installation of HBC on vWii?
    How much space of the 8/32GB is unusable on the Wii U?
    Is it safe to transfer purchases from a SoftModded Wii to a Wii U?
    If not, How do I get a clean Nand to overwrite my Softmodded Nand??
    What do I use to overwrite the Nand?

    Thanks for your time :)
  2. julialy

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    Nov 26, 2012
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    United States
    1. get the deluxe
    2. no, smash stack does
    3. about 3gb
    4. yes
    5. null
    6. null

    there's your answers
  3. ShadowSoldier

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Eh, the only good thing about the Deluxe, to be honest, is the Deluxe Digital Promotion, so if you plan on buying a lot of games on the eShop, you will be happy.
    That and the charging cradle is nice too, but you can probably just find that from someone alone and pay like 10 bucks or something.

    I'd say go for the Basic then get an external HDD.
  4. picano

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    For me, deluxe was worth it just for Nintendo Land. I didn't have too high of hopes for it (and rather hated all the time it got at E3) but my friends and I have gotten a ton of playtime out of it. The 10% point promotion was simply icing on the cake.

    Skipping answering the rest since 1st reply nailed it.
  5. djricekcn

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    May 29, 2009
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    personally i say don't buy the wiiu yet. personally, nothing to play... both my JP one and US one just collecting dust. nintendo needs to rush out more games =(
    vita's dry spell wasn't this bad (at least for me cause i can play both JP/EN)
  6. blaisedinsd

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    Dec 6, 2012
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    nintendoland is pretty much a must have game so that alone makes it worth it. The charging cradle is really nice to have too and sells for $20. The stands aren't that big of deal but I did start using them as well. The digital promotion is nice if you plan on spending on the eshop.

    The extra memory isn't too big a deal, if your going to download retail wii u games your going to need an external drive either way. The 32 gb won't be enough but the digital promotion will be a bigger deal if you plan to do that.

    if you can find the right deal on the basic set it might make sense but the deluxe set makes the most sense to most people.
  7. Shadow#1

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    Deluxe Set all the way!!!
  8. Sychophantom

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    Scored a basic set and Nintendoland for $230 US. Would have liked that Digital Deluxe promo, but meh. There's enough deals around to make up for it.

    At least I got one early enough to score some 30 cent games.
  9. TehCupcakes

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    Apr 5, 2013
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    I personally have a Deluxe. In light of that, here are my notes, because the choice just depends on what's best for you:

    - Digital Deluxe Promotion is only worth it if you expect to be buying brand new Wii U games. I didn't have a Wii, so I personally have spent my money building a small collection of cheap Wii games rather than an even smaller collection of Wii U games.
    - Storage Capacity depends on your purchasing practices: If you don't expect to be buying many Wii U games (as in non-VC) in digital format then the Deluxe should have enough space without external storage. However, the Basic will almost certainly not have enough. Once again though, Deluxe doesn't really benefit you here if you do end up needing external storage anyway.
    - NintendoLand is to Wii U what Wii Sports was to Wii, only it's actually a good game. Yes, it shows off the bells and whistles of the system. Yes, it is much more fun as a party game. It still has some pretty fun games though, and they aren't just gimmicky either. I think this really does add value to the Deluxe.
    - Charging stand is nice, and even the console stands are a bonus if you have more vertical space than horizontal for your system. The other stand might make a good stand on a table in a room that you don't have a TV to watch Netflix on or whatever. So just depending on your usage, this stuff might be useful, it might not.

    So that doesn't really answer the question "Should I get deluxe or basic", but hopefully it gives you some things to think about so you can make your decision.