Decompressing .pak files inside NDS Rom

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    Hey guys. I've been trying to do a ROM translation of the Negima DS games, and possibly take some of their music files out of the rom for revamping purposes, but after decompiling the ROM itself, most of its interior data is compressed into a .pak file. After many attempts of Google searching (and dodging Quake I related links), I thought I would hit up the forums here and see if anyone had any knowledge on the subject. If anyone knows how to decompress/decompile the interior .pak files, I'd be grateful if you could share your insight. Thanks for taking the time to read this inquiry.
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    .pac can be decompressed with crytal tile 2 (the one that has to be registered)
    but .pak I don't know - give it a try

    though you will need vgmtrans or vgmtoolbax for converting your sound files. (found on sourceforge), then use winavi with a downloaded codec to convert the converted files to mp3 might not be able to do that backwards though.
    Are there any sound folders or anything vaguely labelled music like?
    which negami?
    Negima! Chou Mahora Taisen Chuu - Checkiin Zenin Shuugou! Yappari Onsen Kichaimashitaa has a .sdat file that you can get at easily and will be exactly what you need to get at the music
    i haven't taken a look at the other one yet
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    Unless you upload one so people can see, there's no way to unpack what you want.
    Just because files have common extensions does not mean they are unpacked the same way.
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    CT2 can do it with LZ77 search, and then bulk LZ77 decompress.
    catch is, there are more than 10,000 files in there. I'm done the extractor to get all the battle and dialogue text out of it and am just touching up the inserter now. once i figure out a good way to turn single byte ascii into double byte ascii i'll be done.
    assuming this is the same negima game i'm working on, then there IS a folder named sound, with everything sound related in it. i'm not familiar with the first negima game, though.
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    And he's most likely talking about the same game. Both games are really similar, but this one is a bit newer and probably improved.