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    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right thread but I need to decompile an exe to get the source code to port the application to the Wii if this is possible. Thanks in advance.
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    Hex-Rays makes a decompiler extension for IDA but its very expensive. You can pirate it of course, but still, it won't produce C code that you can just compile without a ton of modifications. It helps though.
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    I assume this was the stuff.
    I am not invested enough to check it out myself but in the meantime.

    Depends what it was made in

    If it was C# family then there are some serious options. Not sure what the current best options are though.

    If it was old style VB then you also have some serious options.

    If it was flash then there is something but it is not always as nice as the other here.

    If it was a lot of scripting languages then you tend to have options. I doubt this was made in one but I could be wrong.

    If it was Java then you also have a great many options.

    If it was C or C++ then there are some amazing things happening in the academic world but realistically there is nothing I can point you at and you would still be better approaching. For some libraries there is some stuff you can do.

    If it was something like rpg maker or a game development program then I would give up now and find a computer to stick on your TV instead (wii remotes have long been supported on the PC if you especially care there, though I am not sure about the various extra addon pads and what have you).

    In all cases there are things the developers could have done to prevent this (see obfuscation), similarly this is not a weekend project but more a month or three of effort. You would probably even be better off trying to replicate the game/make a new program to read its levels instead.