Dead/Stuck Pixels

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  1. VioletX

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    Jun 8, 2016
    So yesterday, i noticed that there was a white or gray-ish pixel in the middle of the top screen.
    Really noticeable when the screen was dark. Not black and not Red,Green or Blue like a normal Stuck/Dead Pixel i've seen so far. Not dust either, before you ask.

    Didn't really care about it though because i can't do anything against it anyways. (Not that i know at least)
    Anyways today,
    when i booted the console up again, the pixel was suddenly gone.

    Kinda suprised because i had dead/stuck pixels before and they never went away.

    What i'd like to ask now, is there a way to reduce the chance of getting a dead/stuck pixel?
    Currently, my screen is set to 3 (Brightness) because i never really go outside with my 2DS if that helps.
    Is playing too long a possible cause?

    Also I heard a while ago, on some other site that rubbing the screen to clean it could maybe cause pixels if you do it too much. Is that true?