data transfer 4GB to 64GB

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by gregmol, May 10, 2016.

  1. gregmol

    gregmol Newbie

    May 10, 2016
    hey I need to get a 64 gb memory card and now I have 4gb how can I copy the data to the other memory card ? all datas ,downloaded games , pictures , save datas , game data utility ? especially I need a details about jailbreak ? I have to do this from beggining or is chance to transfer data only ?
  2. xy2_

    xy2_ GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 4, 2016
    Create a backup, swap memory cards, transfer back backup. Done.
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  3. Nirmonculus

    Nirmonculus GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 4, 2014
    Will this work even with my tn-v installed? they will also get transferred?
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  4. nero99

    nero99 GBAtemp Addict

    Sep 18, 2014
    United States
    Use the cma app made by Sony (or get the Qcma if you have tn-v on your vita), make a back up with it. Once you get your new card, the same app will allow you to restore your back up. And yes, it will copy your tn-v as well for those who are wondering. But you must use Qcma for that.
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  5. Nirmonculus

    Nirmonculus GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 4, 2014
    Thanks, transferring now. XD
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