Dashlaunch for 9199?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Xirix, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I want to try out the new Plugin for Dashlaunch that lets you use multi-disk games.

    It said that it works on all Dashboards so far, I think the latest Dashlaunch only works with the latest Dashboard, I'm on Freeboot 9199 I believe, which is the latest Dashlaunch that will work?

    Also, is this program safe to use, it doesn't play around with the Nand or anything does it? I'll just want it for the multi-disk plugin.
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    Assuming there is not a simple "pile it in one directory" and/or xex patch/make a GOD install type workaround like there was for the last couple of multi disc games the might be options.

    Freeboot 9199 is not the latest JTAG compatible dashboard as you say. We have freeboot 12611 thanks to fbbuild- personally I would move up to that as games are starting to need it. Still that is not what you asked so

    Dashlaunch will touch the NAND although it has a 360 side installer these days (run it like another other piece of homebrew) and provided you read the release notes* it is as safe as it canbe, the last one compatible with 9199 was Dash Launch 2.02

    Have a look at an older readme though as that one is just a changelog type readme

    *one of the first 360 installer type programs lacked version checking and despite it being mentioned many times in the release notes people still tried to use it on older dashboards.

    One of the functions of dashlaunch is to allow a specially compiled freeboot patch to be added in memory so to speak (it is loaded at boot and if the media with the patch is not there the patch does not get applied) so it is only the initial install that will touch the NAND.