Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Help)

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Logan97, Oct 27, 2016.

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    I recently just purchased DS and I'm stuck at the undead burg. I'm Lv 22, and I have currently have increased my Health, Strength, Endurance, and Resistance. I already defeated the Taurus Demon, and now I'm fighting the Fang Boar, but I can't get a Precise hit on him?
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    Been a while since I played the first Dark Souls, but I believe you can run behind the boar and get a backstab critical hit that way. Go up the stairs to the right, kill all the annoying archers and then focus on getting behind the boar.
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    I aways think is funny when I read dark souls and help togheter.
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    I forgot
    You have a couple options. You can backstab him (it's a little fickle on the precise are which you have to stand to do it), you can throw firebombs, or you can lure him into the giant bonfire-like thing while standing on top of the bridge that's there. Alternatively, you could just run past him and go back later if you like.

    Also, don't bother leveling resistance, it's the most useless stat in the game. The only stats worth leveling are your weapon stats (dex, strength, faith, or intelligence depending on your build) and vitality and endurance. I prefer leveling weapon stats first, then go for HP and stamina later so you can just hit enemies hard and kill them quickly. But meh, to each his own.
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