Damaged board (ripped off component). Need help

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  1. mvmiranda

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    Oct 29, 2013
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    Hello community!

    I received a O3DS normal from an user that attempted to do the NAND HW mod.
    He messed up the board. Ripped off a couple of components (picture bellow) and two pads.
    I managed to save the pads (with some help from @gamesquest1) but I need some help on finding out if those components are really resistors and their values (since the other ones also have solder marks I won't trust their values).

    I first posted this in the Nand flash dump (3DS) thread but decided to create my own thread to reach a broader audience.



    I managed to get the BOOTROM blue screen after wiring to the alt points, but windows do not mount the drive. The SD reader keeps blinking as if it was trying to do something and I guess that's because of those ripped off components (resistors, I guess... and effectively, the traces are "open" without them).
    So, any help on their values would be much appreciated.
  2. mech

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    Oct 26, 2014
    damn thats bad lol, bet half the components around the damaged area have thermal shock too :(
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  3. Apache Thunder

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    Holy ***t. Did the person that tried to nand mod this have Parkinson's disease? How the hell do you mess it up that bad? :P
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  4. darkangel5000

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    Judging the components by their color I'd say those are probably caps, not resistors.
    I'll gladly take a look at my already open 3DS, and hope that I will be corrected, but if they really are I'm unfortunately unable to measure them :(

    /edit: Whatever. Measured them and got solid 14,75kOhm on both of them.
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  5. mvmiranda

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    Oct 29, 2013
    Brazil, Sao Paulo
    Well, I honestly hope they aren't... I hope he just removed by accident and not because he heated them too much!
    Man, you really made me laugh! I get many of these around here. It's just that I really didn't know the component values.
    One time I received an Xbox 360 with solder everywhere, like little sprinkles and/or splashes everywhere and I think the guy tried to solder using some sort of fire (like those jewelry soldering kit or something here) as a way to heat the solder.
    Thx mate! I really appreciate it!
    I have a bunch of 3DS XL "waste boards" I could scavenge those components but no Normal 3DS board I could check their values.
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    Too much coffee does that :P
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