CycloDS iEvo User Manual

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    [​IMG] CycloDS iEvo User Manual
    The .PDF with Answers!

    Team Cyclops has released their previously announced user manual for the iEvo. The manual contains everything you need to know about the new kit, includes images, and is written in English. Be sure to "right click and save-target as..." if you desire a digital copy.

    [​IMG] iEvo User Manual v2.1
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    I'm starting to love it!

    "Homebrew software is also able to fully take advantage of the performance gains inherent in DSi mode
    which results in unparalleled performance from CPU hungry software such as emulators."

    Yesss... GBA us, plze...
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    It's official: CycloDS is back on top and I'm glad that I purchased one! If only I had a DSi so I could use the DSi-exclusive benefits in the release [​IMG]. I absolutely love the new GUI: it's fast, feature-packed, and stylish! Thanks TC! [​IMG]