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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Hi there guys, I've been hovering around these forums/threads for a couple days now and thought I'd join already. First post of course and already got a question for you guys, it's mentioned in the very title of this new thread. Before you answer though, let me explain a bit of myself and the situation.

    I've been in the hacking/homebrew scene for a while...
    A) Modded my Xbox (soldering)
    B) Hacked/replaced parts on my 360 (computer was also involved)
    C) 5 of my PSP's were hacked to 5.0 M33-6 (sold 4 of these recently on ebay)

    I recently had a friend show me what he had done to his DS and I thought it was pretty cool. He showed me he could carry tons of GBA and DS game with him where he went and showed me emulators and homebrew as well. I liked how it was hackable like my PSP was and so I bought my very first DS yesterday. I went to my friend for help and asked for links to update the firmware into custom Firmware (whether through software or downgrading) and he shook his head. I then thought it was a mod chip I would have to buy and he shook his head again... showed me a card (R4 I believe) and something that looked like a GBA cartridge. He said I needed these and that's it, and advised two brands because his was "old" . The two he mentioned (and said were best) were the:

    M3 DS Real or CycloDS Evolution

    These two though have got me kinda worried...
    I've been doing some research and alot have said (reviewers) the CycloDS Evolution is the better pick but some things have me shying away from the idea...
    1) No updates since March (version 1.54)
    2) Forums have been down since March
    3) No one has heard from the team for a long time...
    4) Chinatown wars has a bit of freezing issues (unless you grab this ARM9 fix that I hear...)
    5) You need to get EZ 3in1 (sold separately) but only the Plus is available and only has partial support right now

    On the other hand, M3 DS Real recently got a update just 2 days ago with 4.3c and includes a rumble/GBA pack with purchase (unlike the CycloDS Evolution).
    Doesn't mean it doesn't have it's faults either.
    1) Slowdown feature pauses games?
    2) Confusing different types of firmwares
    3) Real website out of date and wiki is strange to work with...
    4) RTS buggy
    5) Games like TWEWY and a few other games have issues/freezing

    I would like to play ScummVM and GBA games (and do other things requiring more ram) but the ram/GBA pack is needed.
    In order to do that for CycloDS Evolution, I would have to buy the EZ 3in1 along with the CycloDS... making the total $70.
    In order to do that for M3 DS Real... well, depending on the bundle you grab... it's already ready at $45 altogether (from them).

    This is my first time "soft-modding" a console, so please be open and honest...
    Which one would you recommend?

    EDIT: Sorry about the double thread... hoping someone helps me out in other portion of the forum...
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    Jul 20, 2006
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    hi and welcome to the forum [​IMG]

    Having both, I would advise the cycloDS evolution. Even though the forums have been down for a while, I don't think that's a huge cause for concern. More importantly, the cyclo has a more flawless and smooth interface, and solid firmware. No updates since march doesnt mean much, though I'd love to see a fix for chinatown wars soon. M3 had periods when weeks/months progressed without hearing much from them.

    The Ez 3in1 plus is a legitimate problem, but hopefully it'll be fully supported in the near-future.

    From what I've seen, this is what I have to say about the M3:
    1) Pauses/freezing in games are rare
    2) Not particularly confusing firmwares, you'll catch on quickly
    3) real website is rarely updated and poorly made (poor support too. The cyclo's forum was pretty good when it was still around)
    4) RTS is worse than cyclo's
    5) pausing and freezing is rare...
    6) interface seems too rough and grainy. Sakura is pretty, but that's about it
    7) offers less features than the cyclo

    ^ that was a mix of pros and cons, but I'm basically steering you towards a cyclo.

    btw you can click on the links in my signature to get an idea of how using the M3 or cyclo would be. Keep in mind that the videos are outdated.
  3. da1writer

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    Apr 12, 2009
    United States
    Dude, you're one of the reasons why I wanted a DS, your reviews are awesome (I bought one shortly after reading/watchign your reviews)! I wanted a "hacked" DS so bad after watching/reading the reviews.

    Edit: Thread can be closed, decided to get M3 DS Real due to my "needs/wants"...
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