"CXI Build Failed" trying to dump installed title for Citra

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    Hi. I'm trying to follow this walkthrough https://citra-emu.org/wiki/dumping-installed-titles/ in order to dump my copy of Ocarina of Time 3D to try out in Citra. Unfortunately, I get to the part where I've found the proper TMD, confirmed it's for Ocarina of Time 3D, hit to "Dump CXI/NDS File"... and it immediately gives me "CXI build failed".

    I thought it might be a space thing, but I have 5GB free on my SD card. I've googled around trying to find if anyone else has gotten this error, no luck.

    I'm using GodMode9 v1.1.8 on a boot9strap'd 2DS.

    I've attempted to dump other titles as well, to the same result.

    EDIT: Tried deleting some things I wasn't using to get it to >8GB free since that's what the walkthrough recommends. Got to 9GB free, still same result.

    EDIT EDIT: Figured it out! If there's no gm9out folder, GodMode9 won't create one for "Dump CXI/NDS File". I had to make it create one. I did so by copying the tmd to gm9out through a different option, which I just did to see what would happen. After doing that and trying to dump the CXI/NDS file again, it worked.
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