custom shells?

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    I'm considering switching the shell on my DS Lite. It's a red model, but when I got it from my friend Josh, he being the utter prat that he is had left it too close to the radiator and the panels have this annoying 'bubble' motif going for them. I covered them up with my GHOT stickers, but that was years ago and as such the stickers have seen better days. I'm looking a getting a truly unique shell. Preferably one with my sig on it, or at the very least my avatar, possibly a combination of the two. But I don't know anywhere that does such custom works. I can buy a decent looking shell off ebay, but it wouldn't be unique to me. My little brother has a DS Phat with a fully custom shell, pictures of the aliens from the film Aliens, and his name written on the shell. Not stickers, a full blown custom shell. The place that did his has long since shut down. Anyone know anywhere that does this sort of thing? Maybe for a PSP 1K as well, but the DS Lite takes priority.
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    Hi. Do You mean custom elements or custom colors.
    If 2nd, check what people R doing Lite's shells.
    Buy 3 different colors (whole shells or parts) and you can build own unique.
    Checkout one of my mixes:
    [​IMG] on GBATemp thread
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    I've seen a couple people doing auctions on ebay that do repainting and such. You might contact one of them and see if they are willing to do more detailed custom work on one.