1. B-alpha

    OP B-alpha Advanced Member

    Jul 6, 2020
    Could you give me some creative input. It seems that I'm going crazy.....
    I have been thinking for months and months how to create a bike design and I still think that I'm missing something.
    Currently, I'm thinking of a two Colour combination. Frame colour in one tone, fork and inside the rear triangle will be the second one....
    I was thinking about some bright colours because most bike manufactures try to avoid them.
    So I'm trying to avoid blue colour tones, they are way to many blue bikes around....

    a pantone colour scheme, which I got from the manufacturer. (Way to many colors, and options)

    Picture 1
    is the frame in question
    picture 1.jpg
    Picture 2
    design beta (I'm not so sure about the grey, what about white, yellow or any other colour. I'm not settled on green either...)
    picture 2.png
    Picture 3
    how the inside of the rear triangle is supposed to look like, except that I was thinking of also painting the backside of the seattube
    picture 3.jpg
    Picture 4 (thats how I got the idea for a green bike)

    I would really appreciate some help, any ideas, colour combinations, or input are welcome. Another idea was to combine green and yellow, but I'm afraid it could look a little to bright.
    Also I'm not fixated on the design itself, I just thought it would look good...

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  2. TheCasualties

    TheCasualties Just trying to be helpful

    May 11, 2020
    You're doing it! Wooo!

    I was gonna say aqua and purple colors, but you said no blues lol.

    How about orange and yellow then? Still thinking about the triangles I was talking about a while ago in the other thread where we talked about this bike idea.

    I wouldn't worry about the bike being to 'bright'. That's a good thing. You want car drivers to notice your bike even in their peripheral vision!

    The green bike you posted might look nice with yellow or orange.

    If your local paint stores allow it, you can usually ask for a paint test. You could get a few samples and compare the colors to see what 2 look best.
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